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Officebox II Phone System - Unavailable Lines
Last Updated 6 years ago

There are anumber of causes that may cause unavailable lines...

If you are hearing the 'All Circuits are busy.." or are getting unobtainable tones dialling in please check the following:

First, check your number. Some numbers may signal incorrectly that the number is unobtainable rather than just plain wrong. You can also receive this when calling a number that is not in use, a mobile that is out of range or a suspended account. It can sometimes be helpful to try calling on a mobile. Make sure that you are using the correct access number (dial 9 before the number) for your system and if you have multiple numbers set up, try another.

If the problem persists...

Note: You may be using more than one type of system!

Pure IP
If you are on a pure IP system you won't have any normal phone lines connected to your system. Check that you have a working internet connection, check that the modem or router in use for your phone lines is connected and powered on. Make sure no fault lights are on. If it all seems ok you need to let us know so we can investigate further.

Where your phone lines enter the building you will have one or more BT boxes marked "ISDN 2E". You will also have a larger grey box nearby or in your server room marked 'Vega 50". Make sure that all three of these are powered on. Any connected BT ISDN boxes should be showing a steady green light. If they are flashing then allow five to ten minutes for the flashing to stop. If they continue to do so or are extingushed, there is a fault on the line and BT or your Telecoms provider need to be notified. The Vega should display a power and LAN1 led. If the power LED is extinguished please check as best as you are able, that the unit is plugged in and powered. Check for any other equipment nearby that may also be powered off signifying a mains fault. If the LAN1 light is not illuminated or flashing, agan, if you are able, verify that all the connectors in the back are snug and clipped into place.

Analog (POTS)
Analog lines are prone to issues and we generally avoid them as much as possible. Before going any further you will need to locate the master sockets for your lines and the bridge. They are normally together and the bridge will be manufactured by Grandstream, Vega or Linksys. Make sure no calls are in progress and disconnect the power from the bridge, allow 20 seconds, then reconnect the power. Allow a minute for everything to reconnect and try to make calls again. This will often clear a temporary fault such as a "stuck" line.

If the problem persis, disconnect each phone line in turn and plug a standard phone handset into the line. Make sure you have a dial tone on each one and dial a test number or 17070. If you have any issues doing so there is likeley a fault on that line and you should contact your phone provider.

A number of bridges are in use. Make sure there are no mobile network issues in your area before going any further and it may be helpful to check with your access providers to make sure. Please locate your bridge and make sure it is powered up, sometimes simply restarting it may help. ALl of the bridges we use provide a flashing light to indicate that a channel is connected to the network and responding. It is generally best to contact us if there is a problem that a restart of the bridge does not cure.

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