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OpenVPN Setup (Windows)
Last Updated 5 years ago

If you wish to work from home you *may* be able to use a VPN to connect to your home office. To do this you need to establish a number of things before you go any further.

1) Your corporate network allows access and has been configured for VPN use.
2) That you have administrator level access to your computer. This is currently a requirement for OpenVPN
3) Your user account has rights to use the VPN

If you have been directed to this article by a support operative the odds are the above are all true. If you are unsure please ask before continuing.

You will need to obtain the correct OpenVPN setup file for your network. You will have been advised where to obtain this. Copy this to your machine using a network connection in the office or a USB key. Please note this file is sensitive information and if you do transfer it any other way it *must* be removed after you are done. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action by your employer.

Before starting please shut down any Anti-Virus applications you may have running. There is a known issue were some applications will flag the file as a virus, this is a false alert. If you are using a Virgin Media connection please reboot your SuperHub before proceeding any further.

Copy the file to your computer and double click it. When asked for permission allow it to make changes. Once the installation is complete close all windows.

Find the new icon on the desktop for OpenVPN and right click it. Click the 'Compatibility Tab' and check the last option "Run this program as Administrator" Click OK.

Double click the icon and a grey monitor with a padlock will appear by your clock. You may have to click the ^ symbol to find it. Right click and select "Connect"

You will be prompted for a username and password, these are the same ones you use to log into your desktop computer at work. Click OK and wait. If all is well the window will disappear and the monitor and padlock icon will go green. You can then right click on it and select "Disconnect" when you are done.

If the Window does not go away and/or the icon stays yellow there is a connection problem. In the first instance if it asks for your username and password again please retry checking you have the right details. If there is np prompt check your network connection and reboot your router and try again in a few minutes.

There is a well-known, documented bug in the Virgin Superhub2 that can cause VPN connections to fail. A restart of the Superhub will generally clear this.


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